• Math Enrichment in each grade at SIS
    We are proud of the fact that we are able to allocate a portion of a faculty member’s day to providing an enrichment math program for our students.  When we think about a math enrichment student, we don’t necessarily mean those students who are quick with basic arithmetic, we are also looking at the child’s ability to problem solve and use mathematical reasoning.  We have structures in place in each grade level  to identify math enrichment students which are slightly different and which are outlined below. 
    THIRD GRADE - Our REACH Teacher (and former Math Enrichment Teacher), Mrs. Olinto, will still have the opportunity to work with third graders and their teachers in order to assess their math aptitude during the first marking period.  During the second and third marking periods, she will work with small groups to provide enrichment opportunities and to assess students’ motivation and willingness to take on the challenge of continuing this level of math work.  This model is consistent with practices for students in second grade. Students at SIS will also complete problem solving assessments 3 times per year.
    FOURTH GRADE - In third grade students are assessed as outlined above.  Students who qualify for 4th grade math enrichment are placed in two different fourth grade classrooms:  Mrs. Rubenfeld and Mrs. Stewart.  During the daily 60 minute math block all enrichment math students will attend enrichment math with Mrs. Rubenfeld.  All general education math students will attend the math block with Mrs. Stewart. You will receive a notification in the beginning of the summer about your child's status in enrichment math.  Students who were candidates originally, but did not qualify for math enrichment, will still be monitored for potential placement into the program.  This can happen during 4th grade or 5th grade.
    FIFTH GRADE -Students who qualify for math enrichment services in 4th grade continue on in this model for 5th grade.  Students are placed in one half of the grade level.   This is to accommodate the additional students added to the program in 5th grade. During the daily 60 minute math block, enrichment math students will all receive instruction in Mrs. Luke’s classroom.  Mrs. Luke’s general education math students will attend math with another fifth grade teacher.  If your child will receive math enrichment from Mrs. Luke or if your child will be leaving Mrs. Luke’s class to attend math in another class, you will be notified during the first week of school.
    As in the past, all SIS students will be following the NYS Common Core Standards for Mathematics and using the Everyday Math Program.  Our instructional pacing calendar helps to insure that all students receive the same learning opportunities.  Enrichment students follow this same curriculum, however at a sometimes accelerated pace which then allows for deeper study and application of math concepts. To be clear ,we do not skip grades or accelerate students at the elementary level in math. This opportunity begins in 6th grade as students enter middle school with strong foundational skills.  Over the past several years, 75-80 students have entered middle school as accelerated math students, skipping 6th grade math all together and taking 7th grade math as 6th graders.