Somers High School Virtual Writing Center - Welcome!

Students standing in front of the Somers High Writing Center
  • Dear SHS Scholars,

    Thank you for working with us virtually throughout last school year. This year, Mrs. Read will not be joining us. We want to acknowledge the tremendous contribution she made to students last year as she supported their IB Business project-based proposals, and provided feedback to help students revise college essays, research papers and various other assignments. With much gratitude -- thank you, Mrs. Read!

    Please note, I will continue to use Setmore® software for scheduling appointments, and will interface with you via Zoom®, our chosen video conferencing tool. When scheduling your appointment, please carefully review your confirmation e-mail and look for the Zoom® link. I truly look forward to our writing consultations and the opportunity to help you continue to grow your confidence as a thinker and writer. Stay safe and be well!

    Ms. McClary
    Learning Coach | Writing Center Coach

  • Our mission:

    Our goal is to equip students with tools that enhance critical thinking, show the value of conferring about writing and lend a process to help students easily identify evidence of their own growth and independence as a writer.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do I sign up – how do I schedule an appointment?

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    You may sign up via the following booking page:

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  • How long is a typical appointment?

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    One hour; however, students can end the appointment when they have received sufficient support. The one-hour session considers any break or unintended disruption (i.e. technical issue).

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  • How far in advance should I schedule an appointment?

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    Because students will be scheduled on a first come first serve basis, please schedule your appointment well in advance of any due dates you know about. For lengthy assignments, you may wish to schedule future sessions to work progressively.

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  • What should I work on with the writing coach?

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    Consulting with a writing coach helps you advocate for yourself and use available resources to your advantage. We will strive to help you:

    • Approach all kinds of writing tasks including but not limited to short answer responses, essays, reflections and more
    • Improve general writing skills and areas of frustration/resistance regarding the writing process

    • Review exemplars before an in-class writing assessment to review the expectations for specific writing tasks, such as literary analysis, thematic essays, DBQ essays, etc.

    • Brainstorm ideas, plan or revise a college essay.

    • Challenge yourself to submit to and/or publish creative writing in Gambit, On My Mind, Tusker Times, Scholastic Writing Contests,, or the Somers Historical Society.
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  • How do I make the most of my Writing Center Zoom® session?

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    To make the most of your session, be sure you have any copies of classwork and materials that will help you describe the assignment, determine how you will be assessed/graded (rubrics) and other related notes/exemplars or drafts you started. Note: if you have already started the assignment, please e-mail your draft in advance or be able to retrieve your draft in a timely fashion.

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  • What if I need to cancel?

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    As a courtesy, please inform me as soon as you know of any cancellation. E-mail:

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