• Welcome Letter

     Please click the link above to learn a little bit about each of us!

    August 2020

    Welcome to Kindergarten,

    We are very excited to have you in our class this year! Our classroom will be co-taught by Mrs. Kane and Mrs. Veach with Mrs. Walsh and Ms. McGuire assisting. We have all worked together for many years,

    Below, you can learn a little bit about each of us. We cannot wait to learn more about you! Kindergarten will be filled with many fun and exciting adventures and a lot of learning too! We will read, write, play math games, paint, create projects, use the I-pads and play!

    We will be sending you and your parents notes, calling you and zooming with you before school starts. We are so excited to meet you and learn more about you. Please see the Kindergarten Supply List on the Primrose Website.

    Talk to you soon,
    Mrs. Veach, Mrs. Kane
    Ms. McGuire and Mrs. Walsh


    My name is Mrs. Veach
    I like the color pink.
    I like to eat ice cream!
    I like to read books.
    I like to go to ocean.

    My name is Mrs. Kane.
    I like the color yellow.
    I like to eat cheese and chocolate!
    I like to travel.
    I like to go to the beach.

    My name is Ms. McGuire.
    I like the color blue.
    I like to eat Italian food.
    I like to listen to live music.
    I like to go to North and South Carolina.
    August 2020

    My name is Mrs. Walsh.
    I like the color orange.
    I like to eat veggies from my garden.
    I like to bake with my daughters.
    I like to go kayaking in Vermont.