• Welcome 2nd Grade!

    Dear 2nd Grader,

    My name is Mrs. Stietzel and I am your new teacher! I've been teaching at Primrose for many years.  I have a wonderful husband and 2 kids, Austin and Cali.  I also have a dog named Cooper who you will hear lots about!  I'm delighted to welcome Ms. Cecera, who will be our Teaching Assistant. She loves kids and is so excited to be working at Primrose.  We are both  looking forward to a terrific year with you!  

    Second Grade is such a magical year, filled with so many beautiful memories.  It is a year when we all grow so much as readers, writers and mathemeticians and we will have lots of fun along the way!  There are so many books and stories just waiting for us to enjoy!  There are so many stories and poems just waiting for us to write!  There are so many interesting puzzles and patterns just waiting to be solved.  We will all work together to learn and grow at our own pace....just like the beautiful flowers in summer gardens.



    I have a fun project you can start to work on! It's called a "ME BOX" (or bag). 

    All you do is decorate a box or bag with your name and possibly some art or photos or stickers.

    Then, gather about 5 items that you can keep in it to tell about yourself

    (such as a bookmark if you love to read, a wodden spoon if you love to bake or a golf ball if you love to golf). 

    We can share them to learn more about each other!

    Enjoy the rest of your summer and we look forward to meeting you!


    Mrs. Stietzel and Ms. Cecera

    SECOND GRADE *pack of extra masks to be kept in student’s desk* 2 primary notebooks with a picture box on each page 1 sturdy plastic pocket folder 3 large glue sticks headphones with 3.5mm headphone jack (no earbuds) 2-4 low odor dry erase pens 1 box thin washable Crayola Classic markers - 8 ct. 1 box Crayola colored pencils - 12 ct. 1 Box Crayola crayons - 24 ct. 1 pair Fiskars blunt 5" scissors 1 large plastic supply box (approx. 5" x 13") 1 pack of 3x3 post-it notes 5-7 #2 Ticonderoga pencils – sharpened 1 individual pencil sharpener For classroom community use: • 2 containers of Wet Ones antibacterial wipes • 2 boxes of tissues • 8oz or larger pump of hand sanitizer (girls only) • 1 box – gallon size Ziploc bags (boys only) Wet Ones and Purell may be hard to find, if available please send iPad information The iPad that will be supplied to all students is the iPad 7th generation. You may wish to purchase a stylus to be kept at home. https://www.apple.com/ipad-10.2/specs/