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    Hello First Grade Friends,

    My name is Alison Genez and I am going to be your first grade teacher this year!  We will also be learning with Ms. Santos and Ms. Briggs!  We are are so excited to meet you all!

    We hope you all had some fun this summer!  I have three dogs and we take them everywhere we can!  This summer we spent a week at one of the Finger Lakes in upstate New York.  My dogs went swimming, kayaking and paddle boarding!  We had so much fun!!  We can't wait to hear about all the things you enjoyed over the summer!

    The first few weeks of school we will learn daily routines, focus on making safe choices and will get to know each other! We will have a snack every day in the morning. Please remember to bring a healthy snack that you can eat and open all by yourself!  You should also bring a bottle of water to keep at your desk. 

    We are going to have a great year together! 

    We hope you are as excited for the First Day of School as much as we are!



    alison        jessica       danielle

          Ms. Genez                             Ms. Santos                     Ms. Briggs






    For the first day of school, please pack the following items in your child's pencil box.  Please make sure all pencils are sharpened and everything is taken out of the packaging (scissors).  The other items should stay at home until we request them!

    • 4 sharpened pencils
    • 1 thin white board marker
    • scissors
    • 1 personal pack of tissues to keep at desk (not a box of tissues)
    • 1 pack of crayons
    • 1 glue stick

    Please also send in your child's backpack:

    • 1 pocket folder with your child's name written on the front in big letters
    • 1 package of baby wipes