• sea turtle

    Dear Parents and Friends,

    I am Mrs. Kegler and I have been teaching First Grade for many years and I LOVE IT! This letter is for OUR community. It may be different from another teacher’s class. You will find that this letter contains some extra supplies your child will need. Some will go into a community “pot” and some you will put in three separate SLIDING Ziplock baggies for easy little fingers. I ask that you take all supplies out of their packages before you put them into the assigned baggies and label each Ziplock bag with your child’s name. It is very hard for those little fingers to rip cardboard open. For that I thank you!

    Please DO NOT send in pencils/erasers, or crayons as I supply them until January. Also do not send in pencil boxes. Just send in three large gallon size SLIDING Ziplock baggies with the following items in each:

    Baggie #1: Crayola washable fat markers (one pack), Expo dry erase markers (2 packs thick marker tip), Crayola (8 pack) colored pencils/sharpener with receptacle, Crayola water color paints (8 colors with brush included).

    Baggie #2: Post It Notes 3 packs any size/shape/color, Elmers fat glue sticks(6), scissor (blunt 5’’ Fisker with your child’s name on it)

    Baggie #3: Headphones for the computers (no ear-buds please).

    Here are additional items:

    1. One marble notebook - any color is fine and fun! Please write your child’s name on it.
    2. One two-pocket folder with your child’s name on the upper right hand side. Please DO NOT put notes in it the first day. It is not a note folder going home daily. It is for writing. The students will be provided in class plastic folders for home notes, homework, etc.
    3. Your child should know if he/she is buying lunch the first day. We take lunch count in the classroom. If your child is purchasing lunch in school, please be sure to go to My Bucks and create an account and add money to the account. Your child's ID number for lunch should be the same as in KDG. If your child is new to the district, he/she will be given one. Children are encouraged to memorize their number so that they can input it independently, moving the line along faster. If not, no worries, the cashier will ask your child's name and the picture will pop up.
    4. Each child should bring in a box of gallon sized Ziplock baggies and a box of quart sized Ziplock baggies.
    5. Please make sure that you set up your child's daily afternoon plans in Dismissal Manager so that the end of the day is all set for where your child should go. Please feel free to send me a note anyway as a double check. I will check with the community each afternoon "for the yellow." That means I put up on the screen any changes that are made to the usual routine. Sending me a note is a great way for my double check, but in NO WAY does is override what you have in Dismissal Manager for the day.
    6. Please send me a photo of your child/child's face for our "Zones of Regulation" center chart.


    I hope to meet many of you during the summer! I will be looking for interesting things for our community while I am on vacation, especially if it has to do with sea turtles.  Our classroom community room is B-1. Pass the library, make a right and then take the first left!

    Enjoy the summer!

    Patty Jo Kegler