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    August 2019                   

    Dear Class,

            Welcome to third grade! I am so excited to be your teacher and to meet you on the first day of school. Third grade is so much fun! You will love every minute.

            Some of you may be with me for some or most of your day. Either way, I want you to know you will be learning so many great things. In third grade, we learn to write in cursive!! We will also explore fun math concepts like multiplication and division. It is so exciting to grow and learn at SIS.

            I would also like to share a little bit about myself. I have two children, a daughter named Kaitlyn and a daughter named Fiona. Kaitlyn is 17 and going into her senior year of high school. Fiona is 13 and going into her freshman year of high school. I hope to have you meet them during the year. My very favorite thing to do is to read!! I hope you will share that love with me by the end of third grade.

            I am posting an additional supply list to this page. I know that you will be purchasing many things for Mrs. Makar or Mrs. Vera’s class. There are just a few things we will need in my class as well. Please feel free to reach out with any questions about supplies.

            Enjoy the time you have left of your vacation and remember that third grade is the best grade!!!

            Looking forward to seeing you on the first day of school!!



    Mrs. Carroll and Mrs. Foley     

    See you soon with winking owl