• Visual and Performing Arts

    All students should include art as part of their curriculum. The New York State Standards for the Arts require the arts (art and/or music) to be part of the requirement for graduation. 
    Visual Arts
    Some of the objectives of art education at Somers High School are to encourage awareness, to educate the senses, and to promote personal growth and maturity. Through studio-classroom experiences, the student will have an opportunity to explore and experiment with a multiplicity of media, techniques, and styles of creativity. In addition, works of other artists, past and present, will be studied as they relate to art history and art appreciation. Our program is open to all students - those who choose art as preparation for careers as well as those who choose it for personal enrichment. 
    Performing Arts
    The New York State Learning Standards for Music, as well as the National Standards for Music Education, mandate that all students who study music engage in the processes of creating, performing and responding to music. The music program offers a variety of learning settings towards that end. Through music and art department course offerings,students may elect to pursue a 5-unit sequence in music or fine arts.