• Language Arts

    Our Balanced Literacy approach to the development of the English Language Arts recognizes that reading, writing, listening and speaking are an integral part of learning in all the content areas.  Teachers are skilled at assessment of students and provide large and small group instruction that targets the needs of the whole class as well as the individual child.  Children are honored as readers, writers, listeners and speakers from the moment they enter our school.  A developmental continuum of K-5 reading and writing standards, which is based on New York State’s ELA standards and has been molded to meet the needs of Somers students by our Language Arts Committee, spells out what students should know and be able to do in the areas of reading, writing, listening and speaking.  Authentic, performance-based assessment tasks are administered throughout the year in order to gather common examples of student work and to evaluate the student’s progress and inform instruction.  Teacher modeling of appropriate reading, writing, listening and speaking behaviors is an important part of instruction.  Scaffolded or supported lessons allow students the opportunity to interact with the teacher while reading and writing.

    Eventually, students work in a guided setting where instruction is targeted to each child’s level and needs.  Children are given ample opportunity for independent practice in all Language Arts areas in order to firm up their skills as they continue to make progress.

    Click this link to browse and view our District’s Curriculum Maps.

    (Note: Since curriculum is currently being revised to reflect Common Core Learning Standards and adoption of new resource materials, the Writing Curriculum maps are not visible at this time)