• Language Arts Instruction  
    SIS offers at least eighty minutes of language arts instruction daily for each grade level.  This time is devoted to reading, writing, listening and speaking through a balanced literacy approach. The language arts program at SIS emphasizes both “learning to read” and “reading to learn.” Through reading, as well as analyzing fiction and nonfiction material, our program teaches students to become actively engaged in making sense of important concepts, issues, and attitudes within a text.  We expect students to think critically as they explore interests, clarify values, solve problems, and resolve conflicts. Setting goals, making predictions, generating new ideas, synthesizing, and applying information in response to material they read and write are emphasized in our language arts instruction. A major common core standard emphasized across all genres read is finding evidence in the text to support one's thinking.

    Click this link to browse and view our District’s Curriculum Maps.

    (Note: Since curriculum is currently being revised to reflect Common Core Learning Standards and adoption of new resource materials, the Writing Curriculum maps are not visible at this time)

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