• Welcome to Somers Middle School, a place of great transitions!  SMS was built in 1937, has gone through many expansion projects and housed grades kindergarten through twelve.  Our most recent building project was completed in 2008 and included a new classroom wing and a performing arts center.  
    Somers Middle School supports the development of the whole child with an emphasis on respect of self and others, learning responsibility for one’s actions, and developing acceptance and appreciation for the differences of others. The faculty and staff recognize the importance of connecting with students on a regular basis.  Curriculum is designed to prepare students for a global society, the challenges of today, and the challenges of the future while making real world connections. We believe all students have the right to learn at a pace that reflects their abilities. In doing so, our educators design instruction that is authentic and differentiated to challenge the spectrum of learners. Teachers model life-long learning and collaborate with colleagues to ensure our students are presented with a rigorous curriculum. 
    Our school believes in a strong partnership between teachers and parents.  This is essential for our students to be successful.  Through the use of Parent Portal, parents are easily able to monitor the progress of their children.  Students have the same school counselor for their three years at SMS.    This consistency helps students and parents develop positive, sustained relationships with our counselors.  We encourage parents to reach out to teachers, counselors, or administrators whenever needed.
    I am proud of the SMS tradition of helping middle school students navigate the difficulty of adolescence by focusing on strong academics while providing a supportive environment.  I look forward to working with each of you.  If you have questions, concerns, or ideas always feel free to contact me at jgetman@somersschools.org or make an appointment to come in and sit down with me. 
    Mr. Jeffrey Getman
    914-277-3399 x 3103