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    Through song, movement, performance, directed listening, and discussion, students explore the elements of music (melody, harmony, rhythm, form, and dynamics). Additionally, students are given the opportunity to play pitched and non-pitched percussion instruments. Students attend music class once a week.
    Every student in the Somers Intermediate School has the opportunity to participate in chorus. In third grade, all students are introduced to the art of choral singing. Later, in the fourth and fifth grades, students may choose to participate in chorus. As members, not only will the students sing many varied styles of music, but they will also practice the skills necessary in producing a high-quality choral sound. Chorus members attend one chorus rehearsal per week.
    SIS offers band instruction to students beginning in the fourth grade. Instruments include the flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet, trombone, euphonium, and percussion. Instrument classes meet once per week, on a rotating basis during the school day, and one band rehearsal is scheduled each cycle. Parents are responsible for providing the instrument and method book; there are a number of music stores that offer year-long instrument rental periods. Arrangements may be made to use certain school-owned instruments in the case of financial needs. *Students are responsible for daily practice (at least 80 minutes per week).
    Students may study violin, viola, cello, or string bass in the third grade. Parents are responsible for securing an instrument rental and any supplies through a music store outside of school. Students receive weekly instruction in a group setting and are encouraged to practice at least fifteen minutes per day at home. They learn the technical skills of their chosen instrument, as well as performance skills in a large group ensemble. At the end of their first year of instruction, third grade strings students perform a concert for their families. Fourth and fifth grade strings students continue to develop their technical and performance skills on their chosen instrument, and all strings students perform two concerts per year. There is an additional opportunity to participate in a solo NYSSMA music festival.

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