• Somers Middle School Nurse's Office

    Telephone:  277-3399 ext. 3400

    Fax Number:  1-845-276-7636

    School Nurse:  Melanie Bernardi

    Email: MBernardi@somersschools.org


    Somers Central School District

    Nursing Department


    We, the Somers Central School District Nursing Department will empower each student to achieve their individual learning potential by promoting optimal health,wellness and safety.


    Acomprehensive school nursing program ensures that the importance of the health and well-being of each student is recognized. We are dedicated to communicating and demonstrating our concerns andcommitment for each student. As a result, each student will feel that he or she is valued as a member of theschool community.

    An exemplarynursing department:

    • Employs a team of professionals, with a wealth of specialized training and education, to assess the medical needs of our students and implement a treatment plan.
    • Advocates for individual student health needs in a collaborative setting.
    • Provides a non-judgmental, safe and caring environment that promotes trust.
    • Encourages students’ independence and participation in their physical, social and emotional well-being.
    • Fosters communication with parent/guardians and school staff on individual health and medical needs.
    • Promotes professional learning which is encouraged and supported in a collaborative environment.



    In order to advance our shared vision of a comprehensive school nursing program, we will:

    • Provide each child with a safe and caring environment that enable him or her to develophealthy decision making skills.
    • Collaboratively monitor the physical, social and emotional wellness of each child.
    • Provide confidentiality to colleagues, parents/guardians and children.
    • Model healthy habits to all students.
    • Grow as a professional team and build on our strengths.