• Somers Middle School Counseling Office
    2022-2023 School Year

    Telephone: 914-276-2588
    Fax number 914-277-2236

    6th Grade Counselor:  Mrs. Stephanie Kurchack, ext. 3308;  SKurchack@somersschools.org

    7th Grade Counselor:  Ms. Ellen Fabian, ext. 3307;  EFabian@somersschools.org 

    8th Grade Counselor:  Mrs. Ellen Bieber, ext. 3306,  EBieber@somersschools.org

    School Psychologist:  Dr. Samantha Morrison, ext. 3311;  SMorrison@somersschools.org 

    School Psychologist:  Mr. Sean Kennelly, ext. 3310;  SKennelly@somersschools.org

    Department Secretary, grades 6-8 – Mrs. Mariellen Coogan, 914-276-2588             

    If your child has been absent for two or more days, please call the Counseling Center at 276-2588 before 9:30 a.m. to request homework. If a student is absent for one day they should check the portal for assignments posted or call their study buddy for missed assignments. Parents may pick up assignments after 2:30 p.m.  Any alternate arrangements for pick-up should be made by the parent.

    Mission: We, the Somers Central School District Counseling Department, will nurture our school community by advocating for and promoting a healthy learning environment in order to ensure individual student success in current and future endeavors.

    Vision: An excellent school counseling program ensures that the importance of each student is recognized.  We will make a concerted effort to communicate and demonstrate our concerns and commitment for each student.  As a result, each student will feel that he or she is valued as a member of the school community.  In an exemplary counseling department: Attention is focused on facilitating the successful transition of our students between the four schools. Each student and family is provided the information, assistance, and support that enable him or her to develop personalized educational and career goals. The social-emotional well-being and academic progress of each child are continually monitored, and appropriate services are initiated as needed.The resources of the department are available to individual students, families, classes, grade levels, and teachers. Professional learning is encouraged and supported in a collaborative environment.