In conjunction with textbook material students learn through hands-on demonstrations, experiments, and a variety of multimedia experiences. Through integration of the Scientific Method, sixth grade students are provided with a general introduction to science topics. The four units of study include electricity and magnetism, the atmosphere and weather, earth science, and matter and chemistry. Seventh graders experience life science topics. This curriculum includes in-depth research in the areas of cells, genetics, classification, and living organisms, including the human body.

    Eighth graders have two different science course offerings, Geo Systems and Earth Science. Geo Science covers the universe, solar system, chemistry, physics, light, and sound.

    Earth Science is offered to eighth graders who demonstrate an aptitude for more challenging science instruction. This course culminates in a Regents examination and high school credit. 


    Please note: If your child takes a Regents credit course in math or science in the Middle School the final average and Regents grade will show up on their high school transcript whether they pass or fail the Regents.  
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