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  • MYP Support from the Library Media Specialist.

    Information Literacy

    Formulating and Planning: Explain deep research questions, creating action plans, and identify appropriate tools.

    Gathering and Recording: Identify a system for note taking and recording data, analyze the value of information from a variety of sources (primary/secondary).

    Synthesizing and Interpreting: Identify and explain similarities and differences, process sources and data to share findings, and to analyze and interpret media connections.

    Evaluating and Communication: Collaborate about patterns and relationships within data and report the results. Compare and contrast connections among multiple forms of media. Select appropriate formats and platforms to share results.

    Media Literacy

    Consuming and Processing: Locate, analyze, and ethically use information from multiple forms of media. Use critical thinking skills to assess value and limitations of information. Make informed choices about viewing experiences.

    Considering Online Perspectives: Describe media interpretations of events and ideas. Seek a range of perspectives from multiple forms of media.

    Creating: Communicate information and ideas effectively to multiple audiences using a variety of media formats.

    Ethical Use

    Ethical Use: Correctly cite sources using MLA and respect intellectual property rights.

    Reliability of Sources: Be aware of bias and identify and express the value and limitations through the origin and purpose of the media, as well as construct.