• Welcome to Somers High School Art Dept

Collaborative Work

  • To close out the year, the IB Visual Arts class at the high school created collaborative work as a celebration of "Creativity and Making". Each student had only one material they could use to contribute to the piece and around 7 minutes to interact with the page before they had to pass it on.

  • Art Teacher Art Show

    Chrissy Brooks initiated and curated for the Somers Library

  • Fashion Club Alumni Friendsgiving

    Fashion Club hosted an Alumni Friendsgiving at Trattoria Sei on the afternoon of November 23rd. Club members hosted a few Alumni to share their experience and knowledge and enjoy a meal and some laughs.  

    Alumni shared the year they graduated Somers, where they went to college, what they majored in and what they loved or wish they knew. Students were inspired by where they are now or how they moved in their careers, internships, jobs, etc.. It was exciting to see samples of their work and where they’ve landed since Somers High School Fashion Program.