• Welcome to Somers High School Art Dept

     Art show flier - red with text Art Show January 12  1-3pmA new collaboration between our schools and the community kicks off on Saturday, January 27, 2024 at The Bailey House in Somers, home of Coldwell Banker Realty. The opening of the art show, entitled “Highlights of the K-12 Festival of the Arts 2024,” will be held from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. The showcase will be on display until the end of March.

    “I believe it's important to have art shows as it gives artists a chance to display something that they created and that is important to them,” said senior art student Alina Aronoff, whose art graces the promotional poster for the show.

    In its inaugural year, the art show was created with the idea of strengthening the school and community connection through art. The show celebrates the artistic achievements of Somers students and shares their inspiring work with the community outside of the schools.

    “Art shows also allow the community to come together and recognize the artist and their works,” Alina added.

    Artwork from each grade was hand-selected by the art teachers in each of the schools. More than fifty students were chosen to be a part of the show, representing a variety of styles, techniques, and mediums.

    “I have two pieces in the show,” said Alina. “The painting in the poster is called "Grace" and represents women's beauty. I created that piece during my Advanced Painting class. I created a still life called "Under the Sink" in my AP 2-D Art and Design course that I am in right now.

    The art in this show will be moved to the high school as part of the annual K-12 Festival of the Arts, which will be held this year on April 25.

  • The holidays are a season of giving. The Fashion and Textile Arts Club took a trip to Fab Scrap in Brooklyn to learn about sustainability in the fashion and textiles market. Students also volunteered to recycle materials, helping to give back and improving industry practices. Each student received five pounds of free material from Fab Scrap for their service.  

Sketching a Path to Success in Advanced Drawing

  • 3 block prints of animal i a top hatJuniors and seniors in Advanced Drawing at Somers High School have been hard at work on a variety of projects this semester, starting with a large graphite drawing based on still life pictures they took of various objects from different angles. 

    “So far, my favorite project was the graphite drawing,” John Spatola said. “That was fun. It was very time-consuming, but I like the result of the project.”

    They recently completed an in-depth printmaking unit led by Columbia University student-teacher, and SHS alumna, Megan Coppola Naclerio. The assignment tasked the students with creating whimsical animal portraits with patterns and borders.

    “We had to make an animal with accessories. I made a leopard with a hat and a necklace,” said Amanda Dustin. 

    During the printmaking process, students sketched their ideas, created collages, learned to carve linoleum blocks, and practiced transferring ink from the carving to paper. After students finished an all-black ink print, they were encouraged to experiment with using various colors of ink to highlight different aspects of their pieces.

    Student at table making block prints“We had a linoleum block and we had tools that we used to carve out pieces of the block,” said Amanda. “Anything that we didn’t carve out was raised and it would be inked. Anything that we did carve out would be left white when we printed them.”

    Their last project for the semester is a pen and ink drawing inspired by a fairytale. Students will do multiple thumbnail drawings as they try different ideas and concepts before deciding on which one to use for their piece. 

    “We do multiple thumbnails but only one bigger one,” said Jenna McMahon. “You draw it out in pencil first and then go over that with a pen. I’m stuck between an Irish myth and Rapunzel.”

    For many students, studying art is a hobby. For others like Micaela Heartman, it’s a path toward a future after high school. “I love art,” said Micaela. “I want to do it in the future, but on baked goods, like on cakes.” Micaela is a senior and is applying to colleges with culinary programs.

New Takes on Fashion Classics

  •  Student and teacher working of dress form mannequin Students in Somers High School’s Fashion Marketplace 1, 2, and 3 classes are using their skills to create new takes on old classics this year, culminating with “The Classics” Fashion Exhibition, which will be held on June 3, 2024.

    Fashion Marketplace is a shared space made up of students from all grades and class levels. The class is a collaborative and inviting space that inspires classmates to design and create as much as they can imagine. Each year builds on the last, so garments become more intricate and inventive, broadening with the students’ increasing skill levels.

    “I decided to do classic fairytales, the ones that instill the fear. I decided to use the animals, like the big bad wolf and the white rabbit so I could use fur trims, woodsy aspects, and corsets,” said Susie Signorile, a senior.

    Students select their own materials and patterns and then measure their models before beginning the assembly of their garments. 

    “I have to create four different garments. I’ll display my pieces with my models, mostly my friends and my sister,” said senior Robbie Donaldson. “I had to take measurements beforehand, then I got templates of their sizes, so I knew how much fabric to buy.”

    Recently, these students took a trip to New York City to visit FIT’s Food and Fashion Exhibition and shopped in the garment district to buy materials to use for their custom pieces.

    “I got fabric for my first two garments,” said Gemma Carr, a senior. “Then I’ll go back and get the rest because it’s a lot to get four fabrics all at once.”

    Students work throughout the year to create a collection of at least four pieces, all inspired by a common theme.

    “I might do five pieces because I want to do sets. It’s going to be more of the basic classics, inspired by the roaring 20s,” said Kayla Rossetti, a senior.

    Many of the students from Fashion Marketplace go on to pursue fashion-related majors in college. Some are interested in fashion design, while others are more interested in the business of fashion, which could lead them to careers in merchandising, buying, or marketing.

Collaborative Work

  • To close out the year, the IB Visual Arts class at the high school created collaborative work as a celebration of "Creativity and Making". Each student had only one material they could use to contribute to the piece and around 7 minutes to interact with the page before they had to pass it on.

  • Art Teacher Art Show

    Chrissy Brooks initiated and curated for the Somers Library

  • Fashion Club Alumni Friendsgiving

    Fashion Club hosted an Alumni Friendsgiving at Trattoria Sei on the afternoon of November 23rd. Club members hosted a few Alumni to share their experience and knowledge and enjoy a meal and some laughs.  

    Alumni shared the year they graduated Somers, where they went to college, what they majored in and what they loved or wish they knew. Students were inspired by where they are now or how they moved in their careers, internships, jobs, etc.. It was exciting to see samples of their work and where they’ve landed since Somers High School Fashion Program.