• Science

    All students are required to complete three units of science. However, we encourage students to take science each year. The science program at Somers High School allows students to gain a strong background in science by offering Regents level courses in Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Advanced Placement courses are also offered in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Environmental Science for motivated and capable students. Students may also engage in authentic research through our Science Research class. Courses in the Environmental Science, Contemporary Issues in Science and Principles of Engineering present the opportunity for students to apply scientific principles in real world situations.

    Laboratory investigation is an integral component of instruction in our science classes. All Regents and A.P. science courses require students to complete 30 hours of laboratory instruction satisfactorily. Student lab reports verifying fulfillment of the requirement must be in the teacher's possession in order for the student to be allowed entry to the Regents exam. Students who have not completed the lab requirement will not be eligible to take the course in summer school.

    Research is another aspect of science instruction. Research activities and projects are required in some science classes. These projects make extensive use of our library and its computer research facility. Students will make use of online information resources, periodical databases as well as the vast resources of the Internet.

    The science faculty is committed to integrating the use of computers and graphing calculators into the science curriculum. The computer will be used by students for data collection and analysis. Simulated labs may be used to demonstrate labs students would otherwise be unable to perform. Internet resources are being used in the classroom to enrich the curriculum and bring real-time radar and satellite images into the classroom. Teachers also make use of smartboard, laser disc and video technology to enhance the curriculum.
    Note: All students must pass at least one Regents exam in science to graduate from high school and must complete a course in a physical science, such as Earth Science, Chemistry or Physics and a course in Biology. Stated simply: 3 courses in science, 2 Regents sciences (one must be biology) and pass 1 Regents exam.