• Mathematics

    The Somers High School Mathematics Department offers students the opportunity to build a substantial foundation in mathematics.
    All courses expand upon the skills that students developed in the middle school. Students are required to earn three math credits by passing three math courses as well as pass one math Regents Exam to receive a Regents Diploma.

    In order to be college and career ready, all students are encouraged to complete four years of mathematics instruction. Somers High School will continue to offer many advanced courses for students who complete their requirements in their sophomore or junior years. Precalculus, Elementary Calculus, and Advanced Placement Calculus as well as Advanced Placement Statistics are some of the courses offered. Introduction to Computer Programming can be taken as a math elective, when it is offered.
    Placement in courses is based on ability, skill level, and the needs of the student. National curriculum standards, known as the Core Curriculum Standards, began to be phased into curriculum beginning during the 2013-2014 school year with all core Mathematics courses aligned to the Common Core Standards by the 2014-2015 school year. 
    (Note: Since curriculum is currently being revised to reflect Common Core Learning Standards and adoption of new resource materials, many of the HS Math maps are not visible at this time)