• Learning Office

    The Somers Central School District focuses all efforts on ensuring that all students learn.  As our graphic portrays, the center of our vision is the “whole child”. 

    The Mission of our department is to engage our professional learning community in the development of standards-based curriculum and local assessments, implementation of best instructional practices and analysis of student learning data in order to plan appropriate response to student learning challenges.  We believe that these professional actions will help to engage students on a personal level, inspire their passions and ensure their success in a global society. 

    Three questions guide our work:

    • What do we want our students to know and be able to do? (Click here to access our district's Curriculum Maps)
    • How do we know our students have attained the desired knowledge and skills?
    • What do we do when students struggle with or exceed our goals for them? 

    These questions focus our attention on developing clearly articulated curriculum documents, researching and studying best practices in curriculum development and delivery of instruction and analyzing student work and ongoing assessments for and of learning.

    Our Vision is to build professional collaborative teams that share ownership in and responsibility for student learning in three main areas: 

    • 21st Century Knowledge and Skills
    • Social, Emotional and Physical Wellness
    • Global Citizenship

    We Value relationships based on honesty, respect and integrity as we build a professional community that is driven by a sense of continuous improvement.  We celebrate the community around us and value their support and partnership.  We value the experiences that add "wholeness" to a child's formative years, especially music, art, physical education, social-emotional learning and exploration of personal interests. 

    Coordination of the following programs is connected to our department:

    • Library Media Studies
    • Visual and Performing Arts
    • Social, Emotional and Physical Wellness
    • Instructional Technology
    • Professional Learning - including the oversight of professional evaluation and mentoring programs for new faculty and the work of Learning Coaches in each of our schools

    Strong and consistent contact and communication with the Superintendent, district leaders, building administrators, and teacher leaders enables the work of our department to move forward in excellence.

    It is a challenging but also an exciting time to be an educator.  While we share our passion for content and subject with the students in our care, we are also responsible to equip them with the skills to become independent learners. Knowledge is available to all of us, all of the time. How we access that knowledge and use it to think critically, respond creatively, act collaboratively and communicate effectively is the challenge of the 21st Century!

    Mailing Address: 

    Somers Central School District
    P.O. Box 620
    Lincolndale, NY 10540