• Each classroom teacher gets to know their students very well  as learners.  As the year progresses, opportunities to comprehend at a deeper level and to move to a next level in learning are provided.  Two more specific opportunities for enrichment exist in our Gifted and Talented and Math Enrichment programs.  Both of these programs have entry criteria and a set of data that is looked at for each candidate.   Please see below for more information about REACH. Please see the separate tab in the services section labeled Math Enrichment to learn more about those programs.


    REACH - is our gifted and talented program

    Recognizing Extraordinary Abilities in Children


    May of 3rd grade – Third Grade Teachers complete a Renzulli/Hartman Scale on students who score at the 8th or 9th stanine on the CoGat (IQ test given to all 3rd graders in the spring).  This scale helps us determine if a student has the characteristics of a REACH student. The scale consists of a checklist which assesses learning characteristics, motivational characteristics, creativity, leadership, communication, planning, and adaptability. A percentage score is given to each student based on the results of this survey.  All students with an 93% or better are highly considered when the selection process begins. Scores on the CoGat with an explanation document are made live in the parent portal by June of 3rd grade.

    September of Grade 4 – All 4th grade parents whose children are REACH candidates are sent a letter.  A date will be sent for the Torrance Test of Creative Thinking. This test assesses fluency, flexibility, originality, and elaboration in regard to creative thinking ability.

    October/November of Grade 4 - Once the Torrance scores are received, a spreadsheet is created for all REACH candidates.  The spreadsheet includes the following scores:

    1.     Teacher Referral Scores in a % from the Renzulli/Hartman survey

    2.     CoGat scores

    3.     Torrance Scores

    As we select REACH students, we look at all the scores holistically, but the CoGat score is weighed the heaviest with the Torrance next in line.  Children who receive an 85% or better on the Renzulli/Hartman scale,  a CoGat in the mid 120’s or higher, and a Torrance score in the superior range are given first priority.

    Please keep in mind the REACH program is for the student who not only needs more than the classroom can offer, but wants more.   It is for the student who can handle being out of the classroom and can pick up where he/she left off.  It is for an independent thinker and someone curious about the world and willing to take on and follow through with new challenges.  Typically REACH students represent the top 5% of students in the class.