• There are several academic support services available for students at SIS.  Students are assessed three times per year on our STAR Literacy and Math tests and teachers monitor student progress in class as well.  If a child is struggling in reading or math, two options are available for support.  During DIP time (Differentiated Instructional Period) a homeroom teacher may work with a student in a small group to support learning needs or a child may be pulled out of the classroom to work with a small group of students and one of our academic support teachers.
    ELA support can work on: reading comprehension strategies, written response and finding evidence in text, decoding skills, fluency, and vocabulary at the child's reading level. 
    Teachers providing this support are:
    Dympna Carroll
    Sendi Rosario 
    Lynn Stepkoski
    Lara Davidson
    Math support can work on: fluency with math facts, number sense, operations, measurement, and problem solving
    Teachers providing this support are:
    Elizabeth Olinto
    Lynn Stepkoski
    For children who need more specialized support in phonics and spelling, we offer a Just Words program as well as building level Wilson.  Both of these programs look at letter sounds and blends and children qualify for these programs based on specialized assessments called the Test of Written Spelling and Language and the WIST, respectively.
    The teachers providing this support are:
    Lynn Stepkoski - Just Words
    Dympna Carroll -  Just Words
    Lauren Brelesky - Wilson
    Kim Gordon - Wilson