• The New Tusker Times

    Welcome to the new and improved Somers High School newspaper! As you may have noticed, Tusker Times is new and improved. Now, it’s almost completely virtual (which means you can access it on all of your smart phones). Before you close out your browser, hear us out. We’ve acquired a brand new staff and brand new ideas. Hungry? We’ve got new recipes to try. Nosy? We’ve got fun facts on your favorite teachers just for your entertainment. Behind on the latest trends? We’ve got someone informing you everything from fashion to technology. Do you just miss our old paper? We’ve got those features and Op-Eds too. The Tusker Times has been revamped, so check it out. Soon enough, we’ll even have polls to do and places to post questions. Give Tusker Times a chance and explore the website-- we won’t disappoint.

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