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    Somers Central School District
    Library Department

    Primrose School (K-2) - Paula Clinchy

    Somers Intermediate School (3-5)- Ken Behling

    Somers Middle School (6-8) - Cathy Gelman*

    Somers High School (9-12) - Pamela Read
    *Department Coordinator 

    Our Mission, Vision and Values


    School libraries are central to the whole school community and provide equitable access to essential resources and learning programs that support student achievement and staff development. We are dedicated to creating programs that foster a love of reading, develop critical thinking, problem solving and research skills, and cultivate information literate learners.



    Being a central and integral part of the entire school community, an exemplary library program will:

    * Welcome everyone to an inviting space that is comfortable, safe and responsive to all learning needs.

    * Foster a love of reading and appreciation of literature.

    * Provide access to a wide variety of materials, both print and electronic, that support standards and curriculum.

    * Provide spaces that are conducive to different types of learning (e.g. whole class teaching, collaborative work, quiet
        individual work).

    * Proactively collaborate with colleagues to develop curriculum and instruction.

    * Develop students that are information literate and competent researchers  through direct instruction. 

    * Maintain an online presence that serves as a portal for information for students, parents and teachers, that includes a
       research guide and protocol.



    While advancing our shared vision, we will adhere to these enduring beliefs:

    * Our services will be guided by the American Library Association's Bill of Rights .

    * Our collection development will be guided by the board-adopted Materials Selection Policy. 

    * Library Instruction is based on AASL national standards, state standards,  and a district K-12 continuum of library benchmarks.

    * The library dept. will work together to grow as a professional team and to strengthen the library programs in the district.