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TuskerTube Videos

TuskerTube is a series of videos that will take you behind the scenes, down the halls, and into the classrooms of our schools. You will hear ideas, opinions, and discoveries about all the exciting work from students, teachers, and parents.

When you see this opening video, you will know it is TuskerTube!

Eighth-graders at Somers Middle School spent an entire month writing novels. All together, the students wrote millions of words! Here are some of their favorite lines.

Tuskers Committed is a group of students at Somers High School committed to a healthy lifestyle. They recently visited the middle school during all three lunch periods to connect with the younger students. Lots of smiles in this TuskerTube video!

Somers Middle School is in the process of applying for certification in the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program (IB MYP). This means that middle school students in Somers will be taught following the IB framework, which encourages students to make practical connections between their studies and the real world. In other words, the IB framework is in concert with Somers Central School District's vision of developing students who are global citizens, learning 21st-century knowledge and skills, and developing empathy and interest in other parts of the world. 

In this podcast, four middle school teachers who have been to official MYP training workshops discuss what it is like to revamp their lessons and assessments (the new lingo for quizzes and tests) in the MYP style. They are interviewed by Somers High School Principal Mark Bayer, who is part of a team studying whether to bring MYP to the ninth and tenth grades.

Students in the Human Body Systems class at Somers High School are riveted from the time they walk through the door. Offered as part of the Project Lead the Way program, Human Body Systems is an introduction to countless professions in the broad medical field. These students and their teacher explain what they are learning and why they love the class.

Bucket Fillers are students who have exhibited kindness, caring, and helpfulness at school. In this video, second-graders at Primrose read aloud to their classmates why their friends were nominated as Bucket Fillers by their teachers.