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Advanced Learning Program

Each classroom teacher gets to know their students very well as learners.  As the year progresses, opportunities to comprehend at a deeper level are provided. Two more specific opportunities for enrichment exist in our Advanced Learning Program and Math Enrichment Program.  Both programs have entry criteria and a set of data for each candidate.   The Advanced Learning Program (ALP) Parent Handbook provides more specific entry criteria information.

The Advanced Learning Program (ALP) will provide both small group pull-out and in-class support for students who meet advanced learner criteria. Areas of focus include math, cognitive ability, and creative ability. 

Mrs. Sharon King is our ALP teacher. She can be reached at

All third and sixth grade students take the CogAT (Cognitive Achievement Test) in the fall. Scores on the CoGat with an explanation document will be in the parent portal for each student.

Please keep in mind the advanced learning program is for the student who not only needs more than the classroom can offer but wants more.   It is for the student who can handle being out of the classroom for small group work and can pick up where they left off when returning to class. The advanced learner also looks for opportunities to show their learning and display information in new and creative ways while in class.  It is for an independent thinker and someone curious about the world and willing to take on and follow through with new challenges.  Typically, advanced learning students represent the top 5% of students in the grade. 

Advanced Learning Program