• Below is PLD, (Personal Learning Device) information.  If you have questions, please email our family helpdesk (help@somersschools.org). 

    All parents and students must sign the PLD agreement available in Family ID before they can receive a tablet.  If you have not registered in Family ID, please do so now. https://www.familyid.com/somers-technology-services-department

    If your child brings his/her own device, you will be asked to fill out a BYOD form.

    The details of the distribution process of tablets and iPads are evolving daily.  Please know as things become more clear during these uncertain times, you will be notified.


    Students K-5:

    All students in grades K-5 will be receiving an iPad this year.  Please be on the lookout for more information via email!

    6th Graders: 

    All incoming 6th-grade learners will be bringing their Surface Go they used in 5th grade up to 6th grade.  See the link for more details. Additionally, students will have an opportunity to learn how to effectively use their PLD in their learning experience.  You will receive additional information via email. 

    9th Graders:

    DELAY IN SHIPMENT! - All incoming 9th-grade students will be getting a new PLD by February.  They will be receiving new Dell Latitude 3190 2-in1.   


    All families receiving a tablet or iPad must either sign the PLD agreement or the BYOD agreement.  Both agreements require signing the AUP (Accessible Use Policy).


    Detailed information is available in the PLD Agreement found in Family ID.


    Purchasing Information

    If you would like to purchase extra chargers or pens, please see the details below.

    Dell chargers for the Dell Latitude 3190s