• SMS MakerSpace Student Testimonials

    The quotes below were pulled from a 205 SMS student MakerSpace survey.


    Why do you think it's important to be able to work in the MakerSpace?


    “We learn how to generate our own unique ideas, and learn how to construct and use the materials provided.”


    “It's good to actually make a physical project instead of just writing an essay.”


    “Because than you can start building inventions at an earlier age! And it’s really fun!”


    “You get a feeling of responsibility and independence that you don't get much of anywhere else, they don't really think of you as a little kid.”


    “It’s important because the maker space is a place where you can let your imagination run wild.”


    “I think it is important because you can learn to work as a team, or with a group.”


    “I think it teaches you to be able to make things out of every day materials like cardboard, and turn them into a really cool creation. I also feel like it shows kids how creative they can be if they have the right materials and if something does not work the first time there is plenty of materials to try it a different way.”


    “Because it's important for kids to learn how to create, especially for future jobs as a lot of them will want creative people.”

    Charlotte S.

    “If we are in the makerspace it is more hands on. The majority of people learn better when having a hands on experience. It also is more fun and intriguing then having to sit in a classroom and take notes like a programed robot. By having us be able to do stuff and use our creativity it keeps us intrigued and interested.”

    Charlotte P.

    “I think it is important to work in a hands-on environment because you can kind of see in person what the machine was actually like instead of seeing a picture on a screen. I just wish we could go down there more often during classes.”


    “I think it is important because we need to do something different in order to be interested and engaged in what we are learning.”


    “I think that it is important to have a creative outlet in school.”


    Explain in detail, why did you like/dislike working in the Maker Space?


    “I liked the freedom we had to create anything, and the supplies we had access to in order to make it happen.”


    “I liked working in makerspace because it gave me the chance to use my creativity”


    “I liked the maker space because it really gives you an opportunity to be creative and they had so many materials to make things out of so the possibilities are endless...”


    “I think that the maker space is a wonderful environment that is a safe space for all students. The tools and supplies available make the possibilities of creating a wonderful school project limitless.”