• College Bound Student Athletes

    Students who plan to attend an NCAA Division I or II institution and who wish to participate in intercollegiate athletics need to follow initial eligibility procedures established by the NCAA Eligibility Center.  The
    NCAA Guide to the College Bound Athlete is a good resource for college-bound athletes and their families. 


    Students must make their school counselor and their coach aware of their interest in collegiate athletics, as high school courses must be NCAA-approved.  At the beginning of your sophomore year, students should register with the Eligibility Center online at www.eligibilitycenter.org.  Current high school juniors should plan to take the ACT or SAT by the end of their eleventh grade year.  When registering for the ACT/SAT, use code 9999 to report test scores to the NCAA Eligibility Center. 


    Students should request that their high school transcript be sent to the NCAA Eligibility Center after completing their junior year.  Following graduation, high school seniors must also request that their final high school transcript with proof of graduation be sent to the Eligibility Center.