• Committees

    To Contact SHS Committee chairs, obtain a phone number or email from the school directory or send a contact request via the "Ask the Elephant."
    8th Grade Orientation

    Jill Realbuto

    Provide information packet to parents the evening of the 8th grade orientation.  The evening is for parents of current 8th graders.
    Bulk Mail See treasurer Oversee the bulk mail account and assist chair people with mailings.
    Class Parent Committees Kim Moros

    The purpose of the Class Parent Committees is to work with students, their faculty advisors, and school administrators on social events, community service projects, and fundraising throughout the students' four years at SHS. 

    We have formed these committees and are looking for volunteers to help with the various events.  Anyone interested, please contact the following committee chairs:
    Class of 2019 - Wendi Reyes & Cheryl Riina
    Class of 2020 - Nicole Brownstein & Erica Gentile
    Class of 2021 - Kim Moros & Tammy Repp
    Class of 2022 - Vicki Durso & Christine Milojevic
    We are excited about making a difference in your student's years at SHS.  We hope you will supports our efforts.  We would like to thank all of the parents who have already sent in their class dues.  If not, please sent them to:
    SHS PTSA Class Parent Committee, Class of ___
    P.O. Box 108
    Lincolndale, NY 10540
    Please make checks payable to: SHS PTSA Class of __


    Council Delegate Gwen Gordon Rothschild Represent the SHS PTA at monthly council meetings.  The council delegate speaks and votes on behalf of SHS PTSA members and reports council activities at SHS PTSA meetings.
    Driver Safety  Jessica Goldberg, Christine Spencer Coordinate Driver Safety Program to help prepare our teens to be careful and responsible drivers.  Date (March) for the following year is set at the end of the current year after confirming with speaker.  Promoting event, coordinating with school administrators and registration for sign in purposes. 
    Education Committee  

    Meets with faculty and guidance about educational issues with the goal of effecting positive change.  The committee will encourage communication among students, parents, teachers and administrators toward increasing success in our educational programs to ensure the academic, social, and emotional growth of our children.  Runs Community Service Jobs Fair (during Red Ribbon Week).  Meetings are held after school.

    Faculty Representative Katherine DeLandri A SHS faculty member represents the staff at our PTA meetings to report on faculty news, and return information back to the staff at their meetings.
    Fundraising Maria Marschke
    SAT/ACT Boot Camp - Coordinate boot camps with Catalyst to hold fall and spring sessions and promote in-home opportunities
    Essay Workshop - Coordinate summer essay workshops for incoming seniors.
      Chrissy Smith Used Clothing Fundraiser - Organize and promote collection of used clothing and many other items.  Held in the spring.
      Linda Luciano Flower Fundraiser - contact Commencement Flowers, Inc. for date.  Company brings everything needed.
      Karen Collura Stop and Shop Program - Administers the Stop and Shop A plus rewards program for the high school.  Funds are distributed at the end of the school year and used for items needed by the faculty and staff.  Register your card at http://stopandshop.com, our school ID#09499.
    Graduation Hospitality Maureen O'Donohue, Jill Realbuto Organize the decoration of the tent and a reception for graduation.
    Grants Jennifer Azimi Reviews and gives recommendations on teacher's mini grant applications, to reimburse them for projects that enhance education.
    Membership Karen Collura Encourages parents, students, teachers and staff to become members of the SHS PTSA.  Collect dues and maintain an accurate list of members.
    Parent/Student Programs   Provide information and education to parents and students on various subjects. 
    Red Ribbon Week   A national anti-substance abuse campaign. Works closely with the Student Assistance Counselor to develop and then help administer a program which will make our children stop and think twice about making unhealthy choices.
    Reflections   A program that encourages an awareness of the arts.  Every year, a new theme is selected.  All grade levels (K-12) are encouraged to participate in one of four ways: musical composition, literature (including poetry, prose and drama), visual arts (including drawing, painting, collage and printmaking), and photography.  The work will be judged for competition, and the program culminates with the national recognition and awards.  Program runs September through December 1 for submissions.
    Scholarship Susette Acocella Coordinates fundraising activities and helps to distribute scholarship information and applications to SHS seniors.  Some members of this committee may also sit on the scholarship selection committee, a separate body made up of parent and teacher representatives.  Parents of seniors parents are welcomed to the scholarship committee, but may not join the awards selection sub-committee.  
    SEPTA Representative Michelle Burns, Virginia Sheridan Represent the SHS PTSA at SEPTA meetings to share information between both PTA units.
    Staff Appreciation Lunch Linda Luciano Plans and coordinates lunch for the entire SHS Staff as a thank you.
    Student Directory Jennifer Azimi Copies and distributes the directory along with membership cards.  Works closely with membership chair.
    Student Representative Ethan Cukaj  Students are welcome members of the PTSA, and have a representative voice at every meeting.
    Website Maria Torre Responsible for the SHS PTSA website content and design.
    General Volunteers   Any parent can be a volunteer to help at any PTSA function.