• Welcome and thank you for your interest in Somers Central School District. We post all short- and long-term job openings on the On-line Application System commonly referred to as OLAS. Please review the OLAS Information Brochure or visit the OLAS site for more information.

    Please note: applicants for substitute teacher positions must have a current New York State Teacher Certificate. 

    The Somers Central School District's vision is to nurture community - one conducive for learning, and one in which we assign respect and dignity for all.

    As global-minded leaders, our goal is to expand our knowledge through a diverse faculty that intentionally deepens its cultural perspectives, reflects our local and global communities and adds a critical lens into the challenges and successes of teaching and learning.  

    To that end, we understand how important it is to recruit education professionals from all backgrounds in order to find the best candidate for each vacancy.