• Having trouble accessing student websites such as Office 365, Dreambox, etc? 

    Here are few things to check:

    The website address - school subscription site links can be accessed by clicking on the website icon in the Links > SIS Shortcuts section of the Computer Learning Space page or your child's Classroom Website page. *Tip - bookmark the page for future use.

    Student login credentials-  is the student's name or email address spelled correctly? Confirm the password is correct.

    Office 365 Login: If there are multiple users utilizing Office 365 on one computer: be sure that users sign out of their account when done. The next user should choose the "use another account" option and sign in with their credentials.
    *tip-  In FireFox, "Forget" the previous user by clicking on the hidden menu (...) next to the previous user email address on the login page, then close and reopen the browser if you find accounts are overlapping.
    Try an alternate browser - most of our sites work best most recent versions of FireFox and Chrome. Browser and System Requirement suggestions are often found in the Support Section of the program website.

    *in order for some programs to run smoothly an additional installation/extension is necessary such as Flash, Java, etc. or there may be a security pop-up that prompts to "Allow and Remember" the website access.

    Refer to the Files section of the Computer Learning Space page for program additional usage instructions.

    Check SIS Newsletter email messages for program updates. Many times information is attached to these emails.

    Contact your child's teacher to confirm login information is correct.

    For additional technical assistance, please email our Family Helpdesk: help@somersschools.org