SHS Writing Center

    Our mission:

    To provide a productive and comfortable environment where students can work toward becoming fully independent writers capable of creating authentic and original writing.


    Why visit the Writing Center?

    • Work on a writing assignment (any subject) if/when your classroom teacher isn’t available.
    • Plan out a long-term writing assignment. Scheduling several staggered sessions will ensure that students make weekly progress on long-term assignments.
    • Improve general writing skills and areas of frustration/resistance regarding the writing process.
    • Review exemplars before an in-class writing assessment to review the expectations for specific writing tasks, such as literary analysis, thematic essays, DBQ essays, etc.
    • Brainstorm ideas, plan or revise a college essay.
    • Challenge yourself to publish creative writing in Gambit, On My Mind, Tusker Times, TeenInk.com, PTA Reflections Contest, or the Scholastic Writing Contests.

    How to Make the Most of Your Writing Center session:

    • Start with your teacher; be sure you understand the assignment and the teacher’s expectations.
    • Bring a copy of the assignment and any related notes/exemplars.
    • If you have already started the assignment, have a printed draft ready or be able to QUICKLY access your draft via Microsoft 365 or Google Drive.