• The Somers PTA Council has adopted guidelines for responding to families in crisis.  This applies to families currently in the SCSD and determined to be in crisis by the school administration and social workers.  

    Any community member should contact their building administration or PTA unit.   The administration, unit and council president will discuss the situation to create the best system of support.  We must, at all times, respect the wishes of the family.
    NYS PTA guidelines strictly prohibit the fundraising for individuals and we must adhere to their guidelines.  Individual PTA members can mobilize to volunteer in any way they personally are motivated to do so, but they cannot organize PTA sponsored events for individual families.  
    As a PTA, we can send a district-wide email to advertise a community event to benefit families in crisis.  These emails can include fundraising events.  The events may not be sponsored by the PTA.  These emails will be sent at the discretion of the Council president.