2022-2023  EXECUTIVE BOARD


    Co-President Desiree Deems
    Co-President Gina Provenzano
    Vice President Tara Tierney
    Treasurer Amanda Kandel
    Recording Secretary Diana Tomasulo
    Corresponding Secretary Laura Markowski





    Arts & Enrichment

    Diana Tomasulo   

     Help obtain speakers, plan events and activities for our Gifted/Talented and twice exceptional children.

    Board of Ed Representative

    Jill Schantz

    Attends monthly school board meeting and reports back to SEPTA.
    Council Delegate

    Shari Silk

    Represents SEPTA at monthly PTA Council Meetings. Cast votes on behalf of SEPTA membership at Council.  Present motions as directed by Council to general members and report vote back to Council.


    Mimi Freeman (PES)

    Nicole Piazza  (SIS)

    Copy and distribute approved monthly materials promoting SEPTA meetings.

    Chair: Denise Donnelly

    On Committee: Jennifer Brooks

    Coordinate fundraising. Each fundraiser may have an individual chairperson.  Have presence at all major district events for sales, when applicable.  Submit updates to Newsletter upon request. Write Promotional materials necessary for each fundraiser (i.e. Constant Contacts, flyers, etc.) 



    please consider volunteering


    Arrange refreshments for the monthly SEPTA meetings. Arrive a minimum of 15 minutes early to set up hospitality or obtain coverage.


    Kelly Rudyk


    Reviews educational Reviews educational news items, bulletins and alerts from the National, NY State and local PTA offices and reports to SEPTA. Submit updates to Newsletter upon request.

    Crystal Levine

    Encourages parents, teachers and staff to become members of SEPTA, collects fees and maintains an accurate list of members, arrange for SEPTA representation at open houses, design and send out membership forms, work on staff welcome party. 

    Submit updates to Newsletter upon request

    Virginia Sheridan

    Receives and evaluates teacher requests for mini grants programs and presents to executive board with recommendations. Submit to Newsletter upon request.
    Parent Support

     Margaret DiLorenzo

    Plan informal SEPTA events/meetings for Parents. Past events have included informal evenings w/ speakers including dinner, Yoga nights, therapists to help with coping skills, etc.
    PTA Representatives

    Primrose - Tara Tierney & Jessica O'Brien

    SIS - Adys Dominguez-Dosil & Megan Kreinen

    SMS - Amanda Kandel & Gina Prozenzano

    SHS - Virginia Sheridan

    Attends all PTA’s Executive Board meetings and speaks on SEPTA’s behalf. Reports to SEPTA's executive board. Reps. are voting members of both executive boards (one per school). If you are unable to attend a meeting, you must submit report to Unit President prior to meeting. Information to be shared can be obtained from President and VP.

    Resource Directory

    Karen Canino

    Update/create SEPTA resource directory and work with Webmaster to post on SEPTA website. Send out requests for submissions. Create a “How to Guide.”
    Social Skills

      vacant please consider volunteering

    This committee helps plan Social opportunities/events for our children (sensory friendly movies, Kids Express, etc.).
    Speaker Coordinator

    Jennifer Brooks

    Works w/ President, Officers and Committee Chairs to select and secure speakers, create promotional flyer and obtain permission from building Principals to distribute. Create Constant Contact to promote event, coordinate promotions of meetings by notifying school principals (for their newsletter) and neighboring SEPTA’s (if meeting is open to all), coordinate with speaker to make sure technology, materials, etc are available for presentation, purchase speaker gift. Obtain and complete building use forms to secure meeting space.

    Laura Cabo/Denise Donnelly

    Work on development of a Scholarship program for Gifted or Special Needs students; and on an Award program for staff members or students who make exemplary contributions to our special needs community.


    Karen Canino

    Responsible for updating and designing the SEPTA website. Assist with Resource Guide. Backs-up Corresponding Secretary on Constant Contact software.