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     SIS Curriculum Philosophy

    It is the intent of the SIS staff to provide an educational environment that builds on the foundational skills learned at Primrose. The most notable shift when students move from a primary learning environment to an intermediate one is from "learning to read" to "reading to learn."  SIS students can decode and comprehend much more text and much richer language across a variety of genres.  They are asked to read for information and there is often a writing component where they are asked to express their new learning, make inferences,  or provide an opinion while using supporting text evidence.  These skills are further utilized in the content areas of science and social studies.  Students read non-fiction and take notes, perform experiments and write lab reports, and research new topics which they then present in a variety of ways.  In mathematics, students move beyond basic number sense and operations into multi-step problem solving tasks.  Here to, students are asked to "write" their mathematical thinking by showing a number sentence, drawing a picture or diagram, or writing a statement on how they solved the problem. 
    The SIS staff recognizes that these are years of great growth and that we must support the needs of the whole child.  While academic learning is the majority of a student's day, we also incorporate social emotional and physical health and wellness.  All of our classrooms hold morning meetings following the Responsive Classroom Curriculum.  Children are taught classroom routines and structures for interacting positively with peers and solving problems that arise proactively.  There are many opportunities for outdoor learning on our trails and in our gardens and these more physical pursuits enhance our physical education curriculum.  Children have an opportunity to develop the creative portion of their brains while studying in their art and music classes and there are additional opportunities to perform chorally and with instruments.  Throughout their 3 years at SIS, we try to expose children to many new things, so they can start to determine what they are passionate about and what they want to learn more about!