• Children must feel socially and emotionally secure while attending school in order for learning to happen.  At times, children may struggle with friendship concerns, family concerns, self-esteem, or coping skills, to name a few.  If a child needs support in these areas, we have several supports in place.  Somers Intermediate School follows the Responsive Classroom Curriculum.  Each Day students gather for a meeting and message time with their homeroom teacher where greetings are shared, activities and lessons for the day are explained, and  expectations for how students engage in the classroom community are discussed.   Our school counselor visits classrooms several times throughout the year to work on mindfulness and social emotional wellness with students.  There are also several supports to help student in smaller groups if they are struggling.  These are called "lunch bunches"  or "friendship groups" and often children move in and out of these groups as issues arise and then get better.  Additionally, we run a Changing Families group for children dealing with concerns of divorce, separation, or changing family dynamics based on these concerns. 
    Staff members who run groups and support students in these areas are:
    Dr. Danielle Perrotto, School Psychologist 
    Dr. Emma Duran, School Psychologist
    Mrs. Theresa Reda, School Social Worker 
    Miss Alexandria Todorov, School Counselor 
    Please access the following link for mental health resources: https://childmind.org/audience/for-families/
    Addiitional resources can be found under files to the left of this page