Least Restrictive









    Most Restrictive


    Related Services

    (no minimum time amount required)


    Consultant Teacher Services (minimum of 2 hours weekly)


    Resource Room Program

    (minimum of 3 hours weekly)


    Resource Room/Consultant Teacher

    (minimum of 3 hours combined)


    Integrated Co-teaching Services

    (all or part of the school)


    Special Class

    (all or part of the school day)


    Out-of-District Placement





Continuum of Special Services

  • Related Services

    Developmental, corrective and other supportive services.  Common related services include:  speech-language, counseling, occupational therapy, physical therapy, assistive technology services, school health services, interpreting services, school nurse services, audiology services.  Does not include a medical device that is surgically implanted, optimization of that device's functioning, maintenance or replacement of the device.  May provide more than one related service, or related services in combination with other regular or special education programs.

    Consultant Teacher Direct or Indirect: 
    Direct: to aide the student to benefit from the general education class instruction.
    Indirect: to assist the general education teacher in adjusting the learning environment and/or modifying his/her instructional methods to meet the individual needs of the student with a disability who attends the general education class.
    Consultant Teacher in Combination with Resource Room: 
    To meet the needs of a student who could benefit from the two types of services, but who does not need two hours per week of Consultant Teacher and three hours per week of Resource Room.
    Resource Room
    To provide specialized supplementary small group instruction.  This supplementary instruction is provided in addition to the general education or special education classroom instruction that the student receives.  It is not provided in place of the student's regular instruction. 
    Integrated Co-Teaching:
    To provide academic and specially designed instruction in the general education setting to integrated group of students.  The responsibility for planning, delivering and evaluating instruction for all students is shared by the general and special education teachers.
    Districts may choose to offer integrated Co-teaching.  It is not mandatory to offer it.  This is the only continuum option that is not mandated to be available to all students with disabilities.
    Special Class:
    To provide primary instruction that is specially designed to meet the similar needs of a group of students in a self-contained setting, separate from the non-disabled peers.