• Westchester County has added a new feature to their website for those who wish to be notified of Civil Service examinations. When new Westchester County exams are announced, participants will receive e-mail alerts listing titles with web-links to the upcoming examinations. Anyone can subscribe to receive these e-mail notifications. Click here to subscribe now.
    Click here for Scheduled Exams and Continuously Recruited Exams:
    Schedule for Continuous Recruitment Decentralized Civil Service Examinations 2016:

    Quarterly Exam Schedule 

    • Scheduled examinations are held periodically and have an application deadline.
    • For certain civil service titles, Westchester County Department of Human Resources holds examinations continuously throughout the year. Unlike the other examinations listed in our Web site, which are held periodically and have application deadlines, candidates may apply at any time to take continuous recruitment examinations. There are three types of continuous recruitment exams: Open To All (Open Competitive), County and Medical Center (WMC) Promotional, and Local Promotional.