Somers welcomes some new coaches, as well as past coaches, for the 2023 fall season.
    • Masoomeh Angooti and Saeedeh Salehipour have joined the Somers coaching staff as the Varsity Boys Volleyball Coach and Asst. Varsity Coach.  
    • Thomas Saladino will be joining the football staff as the Freshmen Assistant Coach. 
    • Taylor LaRusso will be joining the cheerleading program as the Varsity Assistant Coach.
    • James Loughran and Chris Violante will be heading our Varsity Boys Basketing program as the Varsity and Asst. Varsity Coach.
    • Shannon Scavelli and Abigail Semenetz will be joining the field hockey staff as the Varsity Coach and Asst. Varsity Coach this season.  
    The Somers Central School District congratulates all of these fine coaches on their new positions!!