Whole Child Circle

    Our Mission
    Somers Central School District will ignite a passion in each student by engaging students at a personal level to ensure success in a global society.

    Our Vision
    The vision for SCSD encompasses three fundamental areas, each an important component of the Whole Child —
    • 21st Century Knowledge & Skills
    • Social-Emotional-Physical Wellness
    • Global Citizenship

    Our Collective Commitments
    We desire to be a school district that —
    • Values diversity, equity, and inclusion across all schools.
    • Promotes our schools as the center of our community – a safe place to be and grow.
    • Leads by example and encourages students to follow their passions.
    • Holds high expectations for student achievement and character.
    • Develops a k-12 curriculum, instructional resources, and assessments intended to prepare students to thrive in a global community.
    • Recognizes and celebrates the collective efforts and achievements of the Somers community and embraces a healthy balance of participation from all stakeholders.
    • Supports social/emotional/physical wellness as much as academic achievement.
    • Recognizes the arts are vital to the core curriculum.
    • Gives back to the community through service to others.
    • Understands the law, the constitution, and our civic, ethical and personal responsibilities to each other.
    • Develops relationships that are characterized by honesty, respect and integrity.
    • Learns from and works collaboratively with individuals from diverse cultures, religions and lifestyles in a spirit of mutual respect and open dialogue.
    • Supports and encourages professional collaboration, district-wide and with local organizations, to promote student learning.
    • Is driven by a sense of continuous improvement.