Theresa Reda, LMSW                                                                              Kristen Rigaglia, LMSW 
     Primrose: (914) 248-8888 x1310; Tue/Thu/Fri                                          Middle School: (914)277-3399 x3312; Mon/Thu
    Intermediate: (914)277-4344 x1310; Mon/Wed/Fri                                     High School: (914)248-8585 x4310; Tue/Wed/Fri
    Mission: We, the Somers Central School District School Social Worker, will facilitate collaboration with students, parents, community members, and school staff to identify prevention and intervention services in order to promote student social and emotional wellness.
    Social Workers
    Vision: An excellent school social work program ensures that the importance of each student is recognized. We will make a concerted effort to communicate and demonstrate our concerns and commitment for each student. As a result, each student will feel that he or she is valued as a member of the school community. In an exemplary school social work department:

    ·          Understanding of barriers to learning and interventions that foster improvement of student well-being and academic progress.

    ·         Fostering educational environments that are safe, have supportive and fair responsive policies.

    ·         The social-emotional well-being of each child is continually monitored, and appropriate services are initiated as needed. 

    ·         Provide basis for advocating for students rights to be treated with respect and dignity, confidentiality, access to support services and appropriate inclusion in decision making.

    ·         Advocate for students and their families including helping them gain in effective use of formal and informal community resources.

    ·         Professional learning is encouraged and supported in a collaborative environment.

    Values: In order to advance our shared vision of an excellent school social work program, we will:

    ·         Provide each child with a safe and caring environment.

    ·         Collaboratively monitor the social and emotional wellness of each child.

    ·         Grow as a professional team and build on our strengths.

    ·         Provide empathy and support to students and families.

    ·         Building strategies to promote student resiliency through individual, groups, and classroom delivery systems.

    ·         Maintain confidentiality to colleagues, parents/guardians, and children.