• What exactly is "Hands on Science Night"?
    What do 5th graders do?
    * Students work on a "hands on" science experiements to present through Powerpoint/SWAY and videos for 3rd -5th graders.
    * Each demonstration/experiement will include a Power Point presentation with video clips 
    * Teams wil video their experiment and submit it to be posted on the SIS website
    How do they come up with demonstration experiments?
    *Science Night teacher coordinators will model a few sample experiments so the kids have an idea of what a demo should look like
       * Students can design their own. 
    Do they work alone or with partners? Do parents help? 
    * Students can work alone or with a partner, the video can be done through Zoom and recorded if there are more than one student in the group
    * Parental help will be needed to help  "behind the scenes" and to assist in the videoing of the experiment.