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    Bucket Filling Program: We are a Bucket Filling School!

    The Bucket Filling Program here at Primrose is based on the award winning book by Carol McCloud, “Have You Filled a Bucket Today?: A Kid’s Guide to Daily Happiness.”

    Each class will receive a special lesson on Bucket filling and discuss the importance of being kind, caring for others and to be thankful.  We all walk around with an invisible bucket—our bucket holds all of our good thoughts and feelings about ourselves. Students will learn about what it means to be “bucket filler” and a “bucket dipper.” A bucket filler is someone who says or does something kind for someone else. By performing an act of kindness they are filling that person’s bucket, and in the process they are filling their bucket too! It feels good to make others feel happy. A bucket dipper is someone who says or does something unkind to someone else. When you put someone else down or call someone a mean name, you are dipping into that person’s bucket, and taking away some of their good, happy feelings.

    The Bucket Filling Program is just the first of several classroom guidance lessons I will do with each grade this school year. Every lesson will be tied to our Bucket Filling Program and remind students of its importance. The concept of bucket filling can be connected to our school rules and expectations. Kindness, respect and thoughtfulness are the foundation for which Primrose students, staff, and faculty learn and grow together in a positive school community.

    Here are some ideas of how you can be a Bucket Filler at school, home and in the community: 
      ♥Say “Good Morning” to someone.

          ♥Give someone a compliment.

          ♥Hold the door for someone.

          ♥Offer to lend someone a helping hand if their hands are full.

          ♥Give someone a “high five.”

          ♥Listen to others when they are talking.

          ♥Share and take turns.