• Grandparent or Elderly Friend Interview


    Goals of this project:

              To be able to understand the changes that have occurred from when our                                 grandparents were our age.

              To compare and contrast our lives to their lives.

              To investigate our family history.

              To create and ask insightful questions.

              To record and present first hand information


              The goals are listed to allow each family the freedom to create a learning experience that is most beneficial for you child.  There is no formal structure for this project in order to encourage creativity except that it should be in book form.  If you need some guidance, here is a suggested outline and Sample questions:

              -Select a willing individual to interview.

              -Together brainstorm a list of questions that address the goals of the project.(avoid questions that can be answered with a yes or no).  Focus on questions               that would lead to comparisons that are real and meaningful to the children (ex.school, toys, games, T.V., transportation, etc.).  Questions about family history            should also be included.

              -Select the best questions and meet with your grandparent.

              -Discuss the information, classify and summarize the information.

              -Meet with the grandparent again if needed.

              -Organize the information into a report form.  (Include photos, drawings, memorabilia, personal stories, etc.)


              Sample Questions:

    When were you born?

    Where were you born?

    What kind of community did you grow up in?              

    What was school like?

    What was your favorite subject?

    What activities did you do after school?

    What was your favorite book?

    What hobbies did you have?

    Explain how your toys were different than ours.

    What things do we have now that were not invented when I was your age?

    Tell me an interesting story that happened when you were little.

    How if my life different than yours at age 8?

    Who were your heroes?

    Who were some famous entertainers?

    The student can answer all these questions so a comparison can be made between the two.

    Please create this project in book form (no posters).  All books will be returned and they make a wonderful family keepsake or grandparent gift.  Please use creativity when creating the report.  Don’t limit your child’s creativity and have fun.