• Mrs. Dwyer's Class

    Mrs. Dwyer's Class

    August 2019


    Dear Friend,

              Welcome to Kindergarten and Second Grade! My name is Mrs. Dwyer and I am going to be one of your teachers this year.  You have a lot to look forward to. This year we will have a lot of fun and will learn a lot too! We will make new friends, read books, do math, and learn so many new things! Mrs. Cohen, Mrs. Ronzoni, Mrs. Pallizetti, Mrs. Browne, Mrs. Aslani, and Mrs. O'Shea will be your teachers too. We look forward to meeting you. We would love for you to come and visit us in our classroom on Wednesday August 28th from 3:15-4:00pm.


    The first day of school is September 4th.

    Kindergarten Friends: You may bring a favorite small stuffed animal with you on that day, I’ll bring mine too!

    Second Grade Friends: Mrs. Stietzel's class - please bring a bag/box with up to 10 things to share with your new friends! 

                                     Mrs. Edwards' class - Please bring something from the summer to share with your new friends! (more information can be found in the parent information) 


    I can not wait to meet you.  Happy Summer!


    Mrs. Dwyer 😀


    *** Please click on the below "Parent Letter" link for further information and class supply lists