Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) was developed by the New York State Education Department in response to the federal Race to the Top initiative.  APPR is specifically designed to measure teacher and principal effectiveness based on three measures:  performance (determined through observation of practice using specific evaluation instruments), student growth and student achievement (determined by  both local and state assessment data). 
    Somers Central School District Approved APPR Plan

    The Somers Central School District has always had teacher and principal evaluation measures in place.  We continue to develop a balanced assessment system that not only measures student growth and achievement at the end of a learning period but also provides data to inform instruction and help identify learning targets for all students as they move through a school year and/or a course of study.  The new element of the APPR plan is the assignment of a composite score and accompanying rating based on the three measures of effectiveness described above.  The information below outlines the rights of parents and legal guardians with regard to these teacher and principal evaluations.
    Notice of the Right of Parents and Legal Guardians to Receive Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) Final Quality Ratings and Composite Effectiveness Scores Pursuant to Education Law §3012-c


    Parents and legal guardians of a student may request the final quality rating (Highly Effective, Effective, Developing or Ineffective) and composite effectiveness score (0 through 100) of individual teachers and for the principal of the school building, to which the student is assigned for the current school year.   The final quality rating and composite effectiveness score are related to the prior year only.


    This information is intended only for the use of the requesting parent or legal guardian and not subject to disclosure to the general public.  The District has a legal obligation to make reasonable efforts to verify that any request received is a bona fide request made by a parent or guardian who is entitled to the evaluation information.  Therefore, requests for this information must be made in writing using the appropriate teacher or principal request form (see links below) and mailed to:


    Office of Human Resources and Student Services

    Route 202 (Somers Middle School)

    Somers, New York 10589


    Once a request is received you will be contacted to schedule a meeting with district office personnel where the requested scores will be presented.  No score will be released without a meeting between the parent or guardian and district personnel. 


    Notice of your request along with the information that was provided will also be shared with the teacher and principal who are associated with the request. 


    Ratings and Composite Scores will only be made available after verification and submission to the New York State Education Department has occurred. 


    APPR Information Request for Principal

    APPR Information Request for Teacher

    This publication offers some helpful information regarding Annual Professional Performance Review.  It was prepared by the Onondaga-Cortland-Madison Board of Cooperative Education Services (BOCES).

    APPR Information Guide for Parents and Guardians
    The use of assessments to assure compliance with APPR regulations has been reviewed at both the district and state levels.  The intention is to minimize use of assessments for APPR purposes.  Our district has worked and continues to work towards creating a full and balanced assessment portfolio for students.  This balanced assessment picture helps to inform instruction and allows teachers and students to set purposeful learning targets as a student progresses through a learning period.