• Mission Statement

    We, the Somers School District Counseling Department, will nurture our school community by advocating for and promoting a healthy learning environment in order to ensure individual student success in current and future endeavors.



    An excellent school counseling program ensures that the importance of each student is recognized. We will make a concerted effort to communicate and demonstrate our concerns and commitment for each student. As a result, each student will feel that he or she is valued as a member of the school community. In an exemplary counseling department:


    • Attention is focused on facilitating the successful transition of our students between the four schools.
    • Each student and family is provided the information, assistance, and support that enable him or her to develop personalized educational and career goals.      
    • The social-emotional well-being and academic progress of each child are continually monitored, and appropriate services are initiated as needed.
    • The resources of the department are available to individual students, families, classes, grade levels, and teachers.
    • Professional learning is encouraged and supported in a collaborative environment

  • Values

    In order to advance our shared vision of an excellent counseling program, we will:

    •  Provide each child with a safe and caring environment that enables him or her to develop appropriate educational and  career goals.
    • Collaboratively monitor the social and emotional wellness of each child and deliver personalized services. 
    • Grow as a professional team and build on our strengths.
    • Provide support to students and families in the present and future.
    • Model the honesty, integrity, and respect we hope to develop in our students. 
    • Provide confidentiality, when appropriate, to colleagues, parents/guardians, and children.
  • Success Plan