• Miss Vetterman Supply List 23-24

    **Please take all items out of packaging. Label with first/last name and room A-8

      • 3 composition notebooks 
      • 2 two-pocket folders (for in-class use)
      • headphones/earbuds (Place in sealed Ziploc bag with child’s name) 
      • Supply box/case/bag  
      • 4 black dry-erase markers*  
      • two 24-count boxes of crayons (one for Art)
      • 2 highlighters* 
      • child size scissors 
      • large glue sticks* 
      • 3 post-it note pads (3” x 3”) *  
      • two boxes of sharpened pencils* 
      • one box of colored pencils
      • one pen of any color for correcting schoolwork* 
      • hand-held sharpener with receptacle 
      • personal hand sanitizer  
      • tissue box
      • package of wipes
      • a pack of 100 blank 3x5 notecards (for World Language)
      • a box in which to store the notecards (for World Language)
      • an additional folder (for World Language)

    World Language Supplies List

    • a pack of 100 blank 3x5 notecards
    • a box in which to store them
    • A folder

    Additional items not included in PTA Pack

      • old, clean sock to be used as dry-erase eraser
      • 1 two-pocket folder (to be used as a Take Home Folder)
      • independent reading book (just-right book of child’s choice to use first few days of school)
      • A picture of you and your family

    Optional items:

    • small blanket/towel (for outdoor use to sit on)

    Please be prepared to replenish items marked with an asterisk(*) as needed.