• Testing Program FAQ

    The Somers Central School District has organized a COVID-19 testing program to be implemented if we are designated by the New York State Department of Health (NYDOH) as a COVID-19 microcluster. For information on microclusters, click here.

    If the Somers area is deemed a yellow, orange, or red microcluster zone, we must close our school buildings and test a percentage of our district population before reopening to ensure that our district positivity rates are below that of our community. For more information about our testing program, please click here to read a previous email from Superintendent Raymond Blanch and read the frequently asked questions below.

    How do you select who gets tested?

    We are asking for families to volunteer to have their children tested, and for staff members to volunteer for the first potential round of testing.


    How do you volunteer a child for testing?

    A consent form has been sent to each family in the Parent Square app. Simply fill out that form and it will be sent automatically to your school nurse.


    How does a staff member volunteer for testing?

    Contact your school nurse if you would like to volunteer for the first round of testing.


    How much will the tests cost?

    The tests are free of charge.


    Who will administer the test?

    An SCSD nurse will administer the test.


    What kind of test is it?

    The test is the BinaxNOW rapid antigen nasal swab test.


    How quickly are the results available?

    Results are available in 15 minutes.


    Will parents be notified of the results?

    Families will receive a phone call directly from the school ONLY if the result is positive.


    Can I change how I filled out the consent form?

    Yes, please contact your school nurse.


    If I decline consent for testing will my child being excluded from school, activities, etc.

    Students who opt out will not be excluded from attending school once the buildings reopen.


    Can I change my consent status once the testing program is activated?

    We would prefer not to have changes but will adhere to parents’ wishes if they desire a change.